Why Us?

Front Row Capital prides itself in critically assessing each opportunity and bringing to the table the right mix of investment that fuels growth.  Cash may be king, but any situation needs a complex mix of capital, strategy, and people to make it work.  We thrive on finding ways to work with every company we deal with in a positive, long term approach.

Investment Role

Our role is determined by what is right for any given situation.  Front Row Capital takes both minority and majority positions and always brings a wealth of outside resources and expertise to the table.

Investment Horizon
Our investment horizon is determined by the strategy to make each investment maximize its value based on organic growth, market timing, and outside opportunities.  There are no time constraints put on our team by investors or predetermined exit timing.

Foundation for Success

By working with the current management team and implementing the necessary changes to remove obstacles for growth, long term success can be achieved for all parties involved.